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Answers to WTFWTK 2.161
April 22, 2016 4:26 pm by JVS3

Mattel has once again provided answers to your questions.
Thanks again to them for taking the time to answer these!
Check out their answers to your Round 161 questions!

This round of questions were selected by Mern-Ra.
Thanks to that fan for their help!

1. OnlyOneSkeletor: In the Round 1.149 Q&A, Mattel replied to a question about both the Horde Troopers and the Snake Men army builder sets saying that an announcement was coming soon. You've said the single Horde Trooper is coming. But does this mean you also intend to offer a carded Snake Man army-builder figure?

We did say the single carded Horde Trooper was coming which is happening. The Snake Man single carded figure is a possibility. Currently there is no concrete plan for that as a figure release. But if there is, then we will make that announcement.

2. Mern-Ra: A number of fans don't think the sword that came with Flogg and Club Grayskull He-Man is an accurate representation of the Filmation Sword Of Power. Is there any chance we could get a new sword that is more Filmation accurate released with a future Club Grayskull figure, such as Prince Adam?

It's something that we can look into.

3. mjw41: Snake Amor He-Man is still missing his shield from the 200x cartoon. Is Mattel planning to release the Snake Armor He-Man shield either with a figure or accessory pack?

If there is an accessory pack offering, that may be one that is included.

4. Jinxieman: There were subscribers who missed out on the 2015 SDCC Rotar and Twistoid because they were not offered through Early Access. To help avoid this in the future, would you consider an option where subscribers of a line can pre-order or reserve the 2016 SDCC exclusives?

Yes, we have considered that option! And we might have some good news this year.

5. Knight of Mystacor: Since Snake Mountain was not shown at Toy Fair, could we get a update about its progress?

The team is currently working on it. An official update will be shared with fans in the following months.

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