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Answers to Super7 Fan Q&A round 3.17
April 2, 2019 6:08 pm by JVS3

Super7 has once again provided answers to your questions.
Thanks again to them for taking the time to answer these!
Check out their answers to your Round 17 questions!

This round of questions were selected by melkor23.
Thanks to that fan for their help!

1. melkor23: Did you consider crowd-funding to help produce obscure characters in Collector's Choice? You could use the most popular characters from the He-Man.Org fan polls as your base goal and more obscure characters as stretch goals.

We have avoided the crowdfunding route so far, simply because it seems more an appropriate platform for newer creators, as opposed to an established company. Our intent is to create the figures we feel good about and feel an audience will be interested in, and commit internally to making them or not.

2. Niki: Would you give us an exact list of what will be included with Snake Mountain? Such as the bone throne, scrying table, ladder, tentacles, etc.

Yes, we will be making a full announcement in mid- April as we get closer to the pre-order with all the parts and features, dimensions, pricing, etc.

3. zodak74: Would you provide us the dimensions for Snake Mountain ahead of the pre-order? Knowing the height, width, and length info would help those of us who are planning where to display this piece.

See above. Ha!

4. MikeR601: Do the terms of your deal that lead to the William Stout Collection allow you to release other characters in their movie decos, such as Evil-Lyn, Man-At-Arms, and more?

Currently we have arranged for the four figures of this wave only.

5. WalkerBoh: It has been theorized that the William Stout collection is the last attempt to keep the Collector's Choice line alive. If this pre-order wave does not meet your sales goals, will Collector's Choice continue?

While the Collector's Choice line has certainly run a long time and covered the majority of characters in the MOTU Universe, the William Stout collection was more an effort to create figures of some of the most often requested characters in a way that works for everyone. Our follow up to this wave is the Collector's Choice Snake Mountain playset. Beyond that, who knows?!

Check out what fans have to say about the answers to the WTFWTK 3.17, as well as find links to all the previous Fan Q&A sessions!

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Snake Mountain & movie figures
Snake Mountain & movie figures
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