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'87 MOTU movie playing at a Pennsylvania drive-in this June 21 & 22
June 8, 2019 6:45 pm by Penny Dreadful

The 1987 'Masters of the Universe' movie is playing at the drive-in as a double-feature with 'Howard the Duck' at the Mahoning Drive-In Theater - 635 Seneca Rd, Lehighton, Pennsylvania 18235 - June 21 & 22

From the FB event page:"We believe everyone deserves a second chance, and so do movies. To that end, we're offering up this motley double bill (quack) of Masters of the Universe (1987) and Howard The Duck (1986). Neither of them were hits in their day, and both of them were panned by fans and critics alike, but looking back, were they really so bad? Maybe. Here is your chance to catch the other side of cinema history the way it was meant to be experienced...ON 35MM FILM! Can the power of nostalgia and the magic of the drive-in bring new life to these misfit and misunderstood motion pictures? It's Second Chance Weekend. Come if you want."

Tickets are on sale now! Click here to purchase.

Overnight passes are available at the box office night-of-show! Click here to check out their Facebook event page.

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Drive-In - MOTU & Howard the Duck
Drive-In - MOTU & Howard the Duck
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