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Mattel drops a teaser image of a Netflix Bow doll
July 2, 2019 10:15 pm by Tallstar

It looks like Mattel is going to gradually unveil teaser images from their DreamWorks/Netflix She-Ra and the Princesses of Power doll line, leading up to a reveal of the full wave of characters at San Diego Comic-Con in July or possibly shorly before the convention. A few days ago Mattel posted a teaser of Princess Adora. Today (Thursday, June 27th), Mattel dropped a teaser of Bow, Etheria's resident archer, tech master, crop top wearer and overall voice of reason. 

This line is said to be exclusive to Target. Click here to learn more and join the discussion on the He-Man.org forums!


Annalise (the_ageofa): Here we go - PT 2 of the mainline teasers! I know, I know!!! We actually made a boy character!!! Well honestly, Bow is such a sweetheart it’s pretty hard to not make him. I know a lot of people have been asking about articulation so you can see elbow jointing (hint hint rebodiers rejoice!) AND Bow here has something you can’t see in this photo that I made sure to include that I know a lot of you have really been wishing for in a mainline boy doll Ps: How gorgeous are these teasers created by our social media team??? 

Question: If I may ask, will there be playsets and like alternate outfits? (low key I need the princess prom outfits)

Annalise (the_ageofa): Sorry! That’s confidential BUT speaking in general most toy brands don’t start with playsets// new looks at launch (see: Harry Potter, MH, DCSHG) but if they do well and everybody loves them, some more magic happens and tadah! Playsets! New Looks! So keep those fingers crossed!

Question: So excited! Are you allowed to share the size of the dolls?

Annalise (the_ageofa): I would check the specs on the SDCC 2pk on the Mattel website! These should match up as they were designed to work in the same line 

Comment: Oh my gosh! I love the She-Ra reboot! Really hope to see these made! Bow is such a sweetheart

Annalise (the_ageofa): the Mattel page has more info but they are coming soon

From Kidscreen -

"The full range will launch at Target in the US in August, with dolls available for US $14.99 and US $29.99."

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Mattel Bow Teaser Image
Mattel Bow Teaser Image
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