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Read the English translation of Brazilian POP minicomic: 'The Cat Platoon'
January 12, 2020 12:09 pm by Penny Dreadful

Presenting: the English-language translation of the Brazilian Estrela Princess of Power minicomic 'THE CAT PLATOON' starring CATRA!

This was an official minicomic, produced by Estrela for the Brazilian market and packed with the Catra figure in 80's.

* Massive thanks to Macbee for the scans!
* Portuguese-to-English translations by Penny Dreadful
* Mega-thanks to Grimbot for transposing the dialogue into the word balloons and restoring these pages.
* At this time, the names of the writer or artist for the minicomic are unknown.

Read the full minicomic and discuss it HERE

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The Cat Platoon coverThe Cat Platoon page 1
The Cat Platoon coverThe Cat Platoon page 1
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