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MOTU UK Comics Issue #14 Reviewed!
January 12, 2020 12:44 pm by Mosquitor

The MOTU UK Comics Fan Site's review of Issue #14 of the MOTU comic is now live!

This issue (released September 1986) features the following stories:

It's a Zog's Life
Zog, the tiny alien child who attacked He-Man in the previous issue, makes good on his vow to join Skeletor's forces, hoping to impress the Lord of Destruction with his spacecraft's power to create elaborate illusions.

Return of the Great Beasts
Hordak has created a time machine that brings the great beasts from Eternia's ancient past to the present day, and sets the beasts on Eternos City.

The Children of Eternia
The mysterious disappearance of all the children in Eternia coincides with the sudden appearance of a new army camped out on the Northern Plains, led by Skeletor.

Click here to read the review!
And click here to join the discussion on the he-man.org forums.

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MOTU Issue #14
MOTU Issue #14
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