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Read the English translation of Brazilian MOTU minicomic: 'Distant Invasion'
February 7, 2020 12:46 pm by Penny Dreadful

Presenting the long-awaited English-language translation of a very rare official Masters of the Universe Estrela minicomic from Brazil - 'DISTANT INVASION' (1987) starring Zodac!

When Mattel licensed MOTU to Estrela in the 80's, the company published several of its own minicomics, in Portuguese. Some of them were re-do's of the US minicomics, but several of them were all-new original stories!

* Massive thanks to macbee for acquiring and sharing these scans.
* Mega-thanks to Jukka Issakainen, for placing the text into the word balloons and for cleaning up all of the minicomic pages!
* Portuguese-to-English translations by Danielle S. Oliveira Gelehrter aka Penny Dreadful.
* Original writer - unknown
* Original illustrator - unknown

Read the full minicomic and discuss it HERE

Main Image
Zodac in ’Distant Invasion’ - cover
Zodac in 'Distant Invasion' - cover
News Images
Zodac in ’Distant Invasion’ pg. 1
Zodac in 'Distant Invasion' pg. 1
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