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Read the English translation of Brazilian POP Comic: 'The Thermal Monster'
May 13, 2020 5:23 pm by Penny Dreadful

Presenting: The English-Language translation of the 'She-Ra: Princess of Power' story "The Thermal Monster" (1988) from the Brazilian Editora Abril comics!

CREDITS:'The Thermal Monster'
Writer: Jose' Menezes
Artist: Roberto Kussomoto
Inker: João Anselmo Menezes
Colorist: Cleusa Acosta
Portuguese-to-English Translation: Penny Dreadful
Image Restoration & Transposition of English Dialogue into Word Balloons: Grimbot
Massive Thanks to: macbee and Nuno Mata for providing scans, and helping acquire some of the original Brazilian comics too!

Read the full story HERE

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Editora Abril - She-Ra issue 2 Coverpage 1
Editora Abril - She-Ra issue 2 Coverpage 1
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