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Updated information in the latest printing of the MOTU minicomic collection
November 30, 2020 12:51 pm by JVS3

The MOTU minicomic collection from Dark Horse has updated credit information in the latest printing! Thanks to assistance from minicomic editor Lee Nordling, the 7th printing of the collection has updated credits, revealing some of the previously unknown creators who worked on the minicomics.
The collection contains the USA releases of the following:

• all vintage MOTU minicomics
• Power of Point Dread / Danger at Castle Grayskull (came with Point Dread & Talon Fighter)
• Power of the Evil Horde (came with Hordak / Grizzlor 2-pack)
• all POP minicomics
• all NA minicomics
• 2002 Target pack-in comic
• unreleased 2003 Target pack-in comic
• first three MOTUC minicomics (produced by Dark Horse)
• unreleased vintage Return from Terror Island minicomic
• script for an unproduced vintage MOTU minicomic
• bunch of interviews
• bunch of trivia

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MOTU Minicomic Collection cover
MOTU Minicomic Collection cover
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