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Mattel answers your questions in the fan Q&A 4.1
May 4, 2021 7:29 pm by JVS3

Mattel has once again provided answers to your questions.
Thanks again to them for taking the time to answer these.
Check out their answers to your Round 1 questions.

This round of questions were selected by AntiEternia He-Man.
Thanks to that fan for their help.

1. zodak74: The part swapping aspect of the Origins toyline seems like it would lend itself to "Create You Own Character" style accessory packs. Is Mattel considering accessory packs that might feature extra items such as boots, hands, arm attachments, etc?

The modularity of Masters of the Universe: Origins is definitely one of our favorite features. It’s been so fun to see our fans' creativity in action as new heroes, creatures, and wardrobes are created! An accessory pack could be something we offer in the future if it's what the fans want, but we are currently building out the rich world of classic characters through our Origins figures.

2. AntiEternia He-Man: Are there any plans to use crowdfunding to allow for items in the MOTU universe that might not be suitable for a retail setting? It could be for Origins, Masterverse, the previous Classics line, or something completely new and different.

Crowdfunding is definitely a trend we've noticed across the action figure industry and is something we have used to bring products to market across the Mattel portfolio over the past few years. Our world-class design and marketing teams are always exploring new ways to bring the figures, vehicles, and settings from Eternia to life that don't necessarily fit the traditional retailer model.

3. Jean: "Masterverse" implies you will be visiting the various incarnations of MOTU. Will more waves of Classics be included under the Masterverse banner so that we may get missing characters to complete our Classics collection, like other New Adventures characters for example?

You'll have to wait and see!

4. Lich Leech: Is there any chance of seeing the vintage MOTU giant / over-sized figures that were teased a couple of years ago at Power-Con by Mattel?

There are an incredible number of Masters of the Universe products coming out of all shapes and sizes across various Mattel brands. We feel there will be something all fans will love in 2021 and beyond!

5. T-man: Could we see some Mike Young Productions cartoon characters in Masterverse? I'm specifically asking about the 200X MYP designs that would allow for bulkier figures of various sizes and dimensions.

We're very excited for the Mastersverse toy line that will be hitting shelves to support the upcoming Netflix show, Masters of the Universe: Revelation. While we can't reveal anything about Masterverse at this time, we're always open to great ideas and know that fans will love it!

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Mattel Q&A 4.1
Mattel Q&A 4.1
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