Eye of the Storm
Jim Mitchell
Tom Luth
Not listed
Tom Luth
Stan Sakai
Lee Nordling
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Collection: Masters Of The Universe Mini-Comics (Mattel)
Publisher: Mattel
Year: 1986
Production Country: USA/International
Issue: Series 5 --- 8 of 13
Language: English

Cover (French)
Cover (French)


Skeletor has built a Stormbringer device with the help of Webstor. Skeletor plans to use the device to create a storm that will level Castle Grayskull. Skeletor triggers the Stormbringer, gloating that even He-Man can't defeat the weather.

Meanwhile, Snout Spout and Teela are watching He-Man and Extendar compete in front of a crowd of Eternians outside of Castle Grayskull. Snout Spout tells Teela that he doesn't feel like he's really a heroic warriors.

Skeletor and Webstor watch the storm aproach the heroes with Skeletor's spynoculars. Snout Spout is the first hero to notice the gathering storm and runs to warn the others. Extendar realizes the storm is not natural due to the heat it is putting out. He-Man uses his Power Sword to reflect lightning bolts back up into the storm clouds, which Skeletor fears will short circuit the storm.

Skeletor makes a cloud vehicle with his magic, and he and Webstor leave to go stop He-Man. As He-Man's strength is giving out, Snouth Spout arrives in the Wind Raider. He sprays water over the clouds, dousing the heat of the artificial storm. The storm dies out, and Skeletor and Webstor fall from the clouds intho the midst of the heroes.

Webstor fires his gun at He-Man until Snout Spout swoops in and sprays him with water. Seeig they're outnumbered, Skeletor calls for a retreat, but Webstor turns to take one more shot at He-Man.

Before Webstor can pull the trigger, Snout Spout lifts him off the ground and drops him on Skeletor. The Eternian spectators cheer for Snout Spout has he remarks that he really is part of the team.

1986, Series 5.
Packaged with Snout Spout.

The comic was also available as

  • English/German/Italian/French quadrilingual version in Europe
        "Eye of the Storm" (UK)
        "Bewährung im Feuersturm!" (German)
        "Nell'Occhio del Ciclone." (Italian)
        "L'Ouragan" (French)

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