Origin Of Skeletor
Collection: DC Comics - Origins (2012-2013)
Publisher: DC Comics
Month: December
Year: 2012
Production Country: USA/International
Issue: 1
Language: English



Keldor was the first son of King Miro, and brother to the current King Randor. He was a scientist, a scholar, and a general. He was also the obvious heir to the throne of Eternia. Unfortunately, now, he is dying.As a boy, he and his brother had played in King Miro's village, until the day that Randor was taken by Hordak's man, and the half-breed Keldor was to be left behind. Angrily, Keldor had fought the interloper with his sword, and nearky killed him, had Randor not prevented him.Keldor stumbles across the wastes of Eternia in search of his lost brother, trying to make right his wrongs, but his injuries are dire, and his vision is fading.Randor was ascended to the throne first, despite the fact that Keldor was older. Keldor's half-breed blood, mixed with that of the beastly Gar, had made King Miro decide that Keldor should serve only as Randor's adviser.Unfortunately, Keldor had been embittered by the decision, and made a pact with Lord Hordak, who fostered in him the belief that he was better than his brother by his blood.In his wanderings, Keldor comes across a hooded, skeletal figure. The stranger explains that he is death, and that Keldor has died. Angrily, Keldor leaps at death, and smashes his skull against the rocks, refusing to die just yet.He continues to drift through his memories, watching as a young Randor explains that his father would not believe that Keldor had saved him from Hordak's kidnapper, and had given all praise to him instead. Miro had decided then that Keldor would forever merely be Randor's right hand, and never king.Finally, Keldor discovers the real Randor, who is surprised to see his brother in such pain. Still bearing love for him, Randor begs to know why he was betrayed. Keldor explains that the rightful ruler of Eternia needed to be brought forth - him. Keldor exclaims that he is not merely a Gar; he shares the blood of Miro and Randor. He was always second, and never first. Randor does not understand his brother's jealousy, and begs him to change his mind.Keldor removes his hood, revealing how his face has been decayed and eaten away by the curse upon him, and explains that it is too late for him. All he asks is that he not be left to die alone, and that he be forgiven. Sadly, Randor offers his forgiveness for everything, and his apology for not being a better brother or friend. Keldor asks one more forgiveness for his crimes - the crime of killing his own brother. He thrusts a dagger into Keldor's gut and explains that Randor's blood is the key to his ascension.Entering a portal to Hordak's world, Keldor announces that he has done what was asked. With Keldor's death, Hordak has gained a weapon against his enemies. As reward for this gift, Hordak gives Keldor new life as his apprentice: Skeletor.
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