The Trap
Dan Spiegle
W.B DuBay
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Collection: Golden Super Adventure (1984-1986)
Publisher: Golden
Year: 1984
Production Country: USA
Language: English
Section: Masters of the Universe - Original

Front Cover
Front Cover


Release Date: 1984

Stratos finds He-Man unconscious underneath an overturned Wind Raider, as if ambushed. It turns out that beside him, there is Skeletor's half of the Power Sword. He-Man combines them, then heads to Grayskull, where he uses the sword to enter. What they discover is a castle full of traps, eventually coming to a room with Skeletor within. Stratos almost jumps at him, but He-Man holds him back. It turns out that Stratos was lucky, because, like everything else Skeletor had whipped up for them, this was also an illusion. If Stratos would have leapt towards him he would've been sucked into a bottomless hole. The true Skeletor arrives, accompanied by Beast Man, and explains that he had switched He-Man's half of the Power Sword with a fake, meaning Skeletor has the complete sword. He-Man fights him, and eventually the Power Sword splits in two once again. During the fight, Skeletor is knocked into the bottomless pit, while Beast Man retreats.

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