Adventure of the Blue Diamond
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Collection: Princess of Power Mini-Comics (Mattel)
Publisher: Mattel
Year: 1986
Production Country:
Issue: Series 1 --- 5 of 5
Language: English

Cover (US)
Cover (US)


Frosta has made a terrible mistake, and all Etheria may have to pay the price for her poor judgment! The Ice Empress, isolated and lonely at Etheria's north pole, has befriended the conniving Catra, even to the point of giving her Snow Cape to the she-cat as a gift! Catra then shows her true colors, taking Frosta prisoner, and using her wand to freeze Etheria solid! Of course, a little thing like that does not go unnoticed, and soon She-Ra, Bow, and Double Trouble are on the case. Double Trouble nobly tracks Catra to her ice cave lair, and, cleverly disguised as her wicked ally, learns of the second part of Catra’s fiendish scheme: Frosta’s Snow Cape conceals a map, which indicates the location of the fabled Ice Blue Diamond, a jewel of incredible power. With this diamond, Catra can make this world wide cold snap last forever, permanently freezing Etheria into submission! The minute Catra steps out to retrieve the diamond, Double Trouble frees Frosta, and sends up a flare, summoning She-Ra and Bow to the scene. The four set out on Catra’s trail, but they reach her too late: she has activated the Blue Diamond, and harnessed its power to blot out Etheria’s sun! An icy darkness settles over Etheria, and as Catra laughs in maniacal triumph, she is frozen stiff by a blast from Frosta’s wand. As things look dark for Etheria, She-Ra is inspired by a closer look at the Ice Blue Diamond, taken from Catra's frozen grasp. It happens that the large, palm-sized jewel used by Catra, is in reality a much smaller gem, encased within a glittering sheath of ice! She-Ra shatters the frozen shell with her sword, unleashing the diamond’s full power! Bow quickly lashes the stone to one of his shafts, and shoots the arrow directly towards the darkened sun. A tense moment later, the sun re-ignites in a blaze of glory! The icy landscape quickly defrosts, as does Catra, who, realizing her defeat, bids a hasty retreat. A relieved Frosta offers She-Ra her Snow Cape in gratitude for her help. Since she hasn’t learned a thing from this world-threatening ordeal, She-Ra must explain how true friendship, such as theirs, can never be bought or sold with gifts. And then our heroes are off, as further adventures await!

1985, Series 1.Packaged with Double Trouble and Frosta

The comic was also available as

  • German/Italian bilingual version in Europe:
        "Die Macht des Eisdiamanten" (German)
        "L'Avventura del Diamante Blu" (Italian) 
  • UK/French bilingual version in Europe:
        "Adventure of the Blue Diamond" (UK)
        "L'Aventure du Diamant Bleu" (French)
  • Cover
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    Cover (UK)Back Cover(US)Cover (Italian)Cover (German)Cover (French)
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