Disappearing Treasures
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Collection: Princess of Power Mini-Comics (Mattel)
Publisher: Mattel
Year: 1985
Production Country:
Issue: Series 1 --- 4 of 5
Language: English

Page 2
Page 2


While digging in the palace gardens outside the Crystal Castle, Princess Adora makes an amazing discovery: She uncovers a gold and silver chest, filled with mysterious beauty treasures, including an interesting hinged conical hand mirror, and a ridiculous looking winged, horned headdress. Adora’s friends Glimmer and Castaspella are dazzled and grateful at the princess’ find, but a suspicious Castaspella, knowing of Catra’s jealous lust for anything that belongs to Adora, secretly places a curse on the mirror. Sure enough, the chest soon turns up missing, and the sneaky she-cat is the culprit. Stealing back to her cottage in the Dark Forest with her ill-gotten goodies, Catra intends to enslave all Etheria with her beauty, enhanced by these fabulous relics. But when she gazes into the hexed mirror, she receives a horrible shock: the image staring back at her is that of a twisted, shriveled hag! Meanwhile, Kowl has discovered the treasures have vanished. This (apparently) is a task for She-Ra. Using her staff, Glimmer quickly guides the band to Catra’s cottage, where they find the devastated feline, spellbound and practically catatonic at the loss of her youth and beauty. When a magical bolt from the Sword of Protection has no effect, the princess of power realizes that even stronger sorcery is at work here. Castaspella confesses, and at She-Ra’s urging, removes the curse. Catra transforms into her cat form and disappears into the forest. A repentant Castaspella learns the lesson that playing tricks on others can have dire consequences, and vows to think twice before again using her magic in anger.

1985, Series 1.Packaged with Castaspella and Glimmer

 The comic was also available as

  • German/Italian bilingual version in Europe:
        "Der verschwundene Schatz" (German)
        "Tesori scomparsi" (Italian)
  • UK/French bilingual version in Europe:
        "Disappearing Treasures" (UK)
        "Les Tresors ensorceles" (French)
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