Spring 1987
Collection: US - Princess of Power (1986-1987)
Publisher: Mattel
Year: 1987
Production Country: USA
Issue: 6
Language: English

Page 17
Page 17



The largest ever "Dear She-Ra" letters column (3 pages) kicks off this, the final issue of She-Ra: Princess of Power Magazine. Beginning in the Summer of 1987, each issue of He-Man and the Masters of The Universe Magazine would include a Princess of Power Story, in an attempt to lessen the blow to crestfallen She-Ra fans everywhere. Meanwhile, in this issue, She-Ra fans discuss their myriad hobbies, such as puppetry, collecting rocks and perfume bottles, and dancing and art. Plus, a She-Ra fan receives fan-mail, as Amy Shira's drawing of Mermista (from last issue) is praised by another writer! A full-page "Coming Attraction" article, preceding "The Best of Spring," presents a "Masters of the Universe Movie Preview" with photos and information on the upcoming film event. Pictures of He-Man (Dolph Lundgren), Man-At-Arms and Teela (Jon Cypher and Chelsea Field), Evil-Lyn (Meg Foster), and Kevin Corrigan and Julie Winston (Robert Duncan McNeill and Courteney Cox) are featured.

Feature Story: "The Path to Nowhere" (apparently the same path this magazine took)
Hordak and the Evil Horde are mentioned for the first time in a She-Ra Magazine story, as Catra's role as a Horde spy is touched upon. The story finds She-Ra and Swift Wind, along with their new friends, the Star Sisters, searching the perimeters of the Whispering Woods for the secret trail that Catra has been using to infiltrate the bastion of the Rebellion. Splitting up to cover more ground, She-Ra and Swift Wind find themselves stranded in the Woods of Despair, a desolate, hope-draining forest. Only by raising her sword with an invigorating burst of light, are horse and rider able to move on, escaping a sure destruction. Meanwhile elsewhere, the Star Sisters locate Catra's secret trail. Standing taller than the trees, Tallstar also notices Catra and Entrapta approaching from the direction of the Fright Zone. Glory Bird flies to summon She-Ra, who arrives with a plan. Working quickly, the team rearranges the landscape, then goads the villains into chasing She-Ra and Swift Wind down the newly-altered path. Once out of their sight, Swift Wind takes to the air, while Catra and Entrapta follow the trail, directly into the Woods of Despair. Teamwork carried the day, as the combined forces of She-Ra and the Star Sisters have managed to banish Catra's evil plots from the Whispering Woods.

Puzzles and Activities
"Spring Secret" uses a pictorial code to spell out a seasonal message from our Etherian friends. And an "Across the Clouds" maze asks you to navigate through a cloud-filled sky to reach the Crystal Castle.

A lovely Star Sisters poster graces this issue. The girls (and Glory Bird) pose before a starry background, and their secret origin is recounted at the bottom of the scene: "Long ago, an evil sorceress, jealous of the Star Sister's power, trapped them in a shooting star, and sent them hurtling through space. They crash-landed into Sky Dancer, and lodged within the mountain. There they remained for many years, until, quite by chance, She-Ra happened to be travelling up Sky Dancer by a different route, due to heavy rains and a mudslide. SwiftWind's hooves accidentally loosened the stone covering the entrance to the Sisters' prison, and She-Ra discovered this strange secret within the mountain. Upon her touch, the crystal enclosing the Star Sisters melted away, and She-Ra met four amazing new friends. Filled to bursting with gratitiude, the Star Sisters and Glory Bird pledged their eternal devotion and aid to She-Ra, the beginning of a beautiful relationship!"

The spring princess of power is Shannon Baker, champion horse woman at age 13. Miss Baker has been riding since age 3, and has placed second in the National Stock Seat Medal Finals 2 years in a row!

Magazine No. 6
Magazine No. 6
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Free gift: Poster 6
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