Fall 1986
Collection: US - Masters of the Universe (1985-1988)
Publisher: Mattel
Year: 1986
Production Country: USA
Issue: 8
Language: English

Magazine No. 8
Magazine No. 8


Finally! Some "Create A Character" creations with both a name and a face! "The He-Man Mailbox" is packed to near-bursting with dynamic fan-made submissions, including the evil winged Vampireman, flying lightning-fisted hero Lightis, an evil cyborg called Weaponmaster, and... Heartman, a giant... human... heart, with arms and legs, wearing "cool shades," and tennis shoes. He keeps He-Man healthy. (Oh well, you can't win 'em all...) More than one reader comments on the advent of the Snake Men, saying how much more scary and dangerous they are than the Evil Horde. How quickly the Horde's 15 minutes were up! :^)

Feature Story: "The Struggle for Eternia"
An action-packed comic spectacular finds the Eternia Towers under attack by a swarm of evil warriors. While Beast Man, Rattlor, and Tung Lashor provide a distraction to patrolling Snout Spout and Extendar (pelting their monorail car with rocks), Skeletor and Hiss alight atop Central Tower in the Fright Fighter, stranding Extendar and Snout Spout in mid-air, and taking charge of the entire complex via the tower's computers! The Sorceress alerts He-Man to the danger, and he jets to the scene in a Blaster Hawk. He-Man battles his way through the various lackeys, dumping Beast Man in Central Tower's moat, and flinging the Snake Men to precarious lofty perches atop Grayskull and Viper Towers. Approaching Central Tower, He-Man is quickly captured in the lion's jaws, and as Hiss and Skeletor gloat, Hiss is doused by Snout Spout's spray. He and Extendar have escaped the monorail via Extendar's lengthening limbs, and are ready to take care of the evil invaders. Hiss and Skeletor make a run for the safety of Viper Tower in the monorail sky cage, but He-Man powers out of the lion's jaws, and is quickly after them in the laser-firing jet pack. Pursued by He-Man, the villains find that their track has been switched by Extendar, and they wind up prisoners in the Grayskull Tower jail cell. He-Man comments that those 2 have been on the wrong track for a long time.

Puzzles and Activities
An "Eternia Trivia Test" challenges your "Masters of the Universe" knowledge, with 15 multiple-choice questions, covering such "really tough" topics as Castle Grayskull's previous name, and how King Randor met his bride-to-be Marlena. "Snake Escape" is an interesting, illustrated 2-page maze, full to the brim with evil. Three of Skeletor's robot knights are featured, as well as 11 other evil warriors, as pitfalls which He-Man must avoid in his treacherous, twisted journey through Snake Mountain, on his way to safety at Castle Grayskull. "Power Puzzles" is reduced to 1 page, but includes a "Letter Link" scrambled message, and a monstrous "Which Warrior?" dot-to-dot. "Mystery Machine" is the title of a full-page fold-in from Man-At-Arms' workshop, which reveals the great inventor's latest powerful creation to an impressed He-Man. A "Heroic Halloween" feature provides inspiration on how to decorate your jack-o-lanterns, MOTU-style! Shown are ideas for Spikor, Orko, Mantenna, and Skeletor pumpkin designs.

Poster #16 in a (slightly) enlarged depiction of the issue's incredible Norem cover! A thrilling aerial battle roars through the skies high above the Eternia Towers, between He-Man, piloting the Blaster Hawk, and Skeletor, flying the Fright Fighter. A Masters of the Universe book cover takes the place of the issue's second poster. But what a book cover! A titanic Monstroid rises thrashing from the sea. He-Man, Extendar, and Snout Spout (piloting a jet sled) are on hand to battle it, and free a captured Rio Blast from Monstroid's metallic clutches. It's a great book cover, but this excellent Norem artwork would have made an even greater poster!

The he-man of the issue is Rockin' Robby Naismith, a 7-year-old radio star from Pinconning, Michigan. Robby has his own weekly country "Top 5 Countdown" program on WWRM-Radio, taking dedications and requests, and predicting future country hit songs!

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Free gift: Poster 16Free gift: Book Cover
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