Summer 1987
Collection: US - Masters of the Universe (1985-1988)
Publisher: Mattel
Year: 1987
Production Country: USA
Issue: 11
Language: English

Magazine No. 11
Magazine No. 11



"Now including She-Ra" this issue, He-Man Magazine incorporates its "sister" publication, She-Ra: Princess of Power Magazine, into its pages. From here on in, each issue of He-Man will include She-Ra, either in He-Man's adventure, or in a solo story, as appeasement to (and also fulfilling the publisher's subscription obligations for) disappointed POP fans everywhere. The mailing cover wrapped around this issue, sent as part of the fulfillment of the She-Ra subscription, explains the "merger" with a special message:

Greetings! We just want to let you know that She-Ra and her friends are now appearing in the adventures of He-Man. So you won't miss out on any of the powerful action. He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Magazine will now be more fun for everyone!

Best wishes,
June Griffin
Circulation Manager

The 1-page "He-Man Mailbox" this issue features "Create A Character" Blastor, a heroic warrior with a gun-shaped head. More laud for Earl Norem's wonderful posters is included, as well as fan-mail regarding the "Power Tour," and eager anticipation of the upcoming Masters of the Universe movie! "Orko's Earth Report" includes a small picture of Dolph Lundgren as He-Man, and refers readers to the exclusive preview feature later in the issue.

Feature Story: "Blast From the Past"
Skeletor has captured Gwildor in this comic story, and using the captured Cosmic Key, has invoked a pack of Tyrantisaurus Rexes from Eternia's distant past to help him plunder Castle Grayskull! As the Sorceress holds off Skeletor's laser assault, He-Man, Clamp Champ, and Snout Spout take a secret tunnel beneath the castle to the Eternian Towers, where Gwildor is being held. There, Clamp Champ puts the squeeze on Karg, but quickly runs afoul of Saurod and Blade, who lock Clamp Champ in Grayskull Tower. Snout Spout douses Saurod's lasers with his water spray, but is ultimately pinned to the wall by a handful of Blade's expertly-thrown knives. Deflecting another barrage of flying knives, He-Man is then pressed into a sword duel with Blade, who is eager to prove his mettle against Eternia's champion, and uphold his never-beaten record. Poor, deluded Blade; he is easily bested by He-Man, and is forced to reveal Gwildor's location. Soon freed, the Thenurian master of the Cosmic Key reclaims his ultimate invention (through unspecified means: I thought Skeletor had the Key!), and sends the Rexes blasting at Grayskull back where they came from. A disgruntled Skeletor falls on his backside as his mount disappears from out from under him, and as our heroes reconvene at Grayskull, they share a joke at the expense of Skeletor's new crew of minions, figuring that they will be too busy explaining their failure to Skeletor to be causing any trouble for awhile.

Feature Story II: She-Ra in "A Summer Search"
In this illustrated text story, which looks as though it was lifted directly from an unpublished issue #7 of She-Ra Magazine, Adora, Bow, and Glimmer discover that the Star Sisters are missing, and that enormous chunks of their home, the Crystal Cavern on Sky Dancer Mountain, have been chopped out and carried off somewhere. The 3 set out to find their missing friends, and uncover some strange clues, including remnant shards of crystal at Catra's tree-house, a mysterious burst of light in the Whispering Woods, and a maniacal laugh from a shrouded glen. Setting up watch at the Crystal Cavern that night, She-Ra and her friends confront a surprise visitor: Jewelstar! Working for Catra, who holds her sisters captive, a terrified Jewelstar has been forced to harvest the cavern's crystals for Catra, for use in Horde weaponry! The princess of power develops a sting: while Jewelstar and She-Ra confront Catra, Glimmer and Bow invade the dark clearing, and free Starla and Tallstar from Entrapta's clutches. Tallstar hangs the tressed troublemaker up by her braids, and She-Ra puts the cat in a bag, and sends her out of the Whispering Woods bundled on Storm's back. The Star Sisters return Catra's stockpiled crystals to their cavern, and thank Etheria's heroes for re-uniting them. "That's what friends are for," She-Ra replies.

Puzzles and Activites
An Orko spell gone awry has wreaked havoc with King Randor's full-page "Royal Portrait Gallery." What once were full pictures of familiar Eternian heroes and villains are now only partial fragments, framed at strange angles. Can you figure out who the subjects of these pictures used to be? In this issue's "Power Puzzles," "Picture Puzzler" spells out a message using the first letters of clue words in a maze. The message, in fact the puzzle itself, have nothing to do with He-Man or his world, an annoying practice that will be compounded in future issues. "Power Puzzles" also presents the "Warrior Name Game" a jumble puzzle which uses choice letters from the names of 10 of Eternia's finest (and foulest), to form the names of 3 new arrivals in the battle of good against evil. A 2-page article reveals tons of stills from "Masters of the Universe: The Motion Picture," called "The Most Powerful Movie in the Universe!" Opening in 1500 theaters nationwide come August, a brief run-down of the movie's plot is touched upon, as well as the planned Hollywood and New York premier parties. Included in the article are our first photographic glimpses of Frank Langella as Skeletor, Robert Towers as Karg, Anthony de Longis as Blade, Pons Mar as Saurod, and Billy Barty as Gwildor.

Poster #19 features stars of the Masters of the Universe movie, Norem-style! A Lundgren-like He-Man is locked in sword to Power Sword combat with Blade, while movie versions of Man-At-Arms, Gwildor, Skeletor, Saurod, and Karg look on anxiously.

The he-man of the issue feature is suspended beginning with this issue, possibly owing to the unwillingness of the publishers to bring the "princess of power of the issue" feature over from She-Ra's Magazine.

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Free gift: Poster 19
Free gift: Poster 19
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