Winter 1988
Collection: US - Masters of the Universe (1985-1988)
Publisher: Mattel
Year: 1988
Production Country: USA
Issue: 13
Language: English

Magazine No. 13
Magazine No. 13


Fans of the Masters of the Universe Movie, unite! The "He-Man Mailbox" is crammed with praise for the film and its stars. Drawings of Blade, Gwildor, and a Lundgren-esque He-Man are also included. Ninjor also receives an fair amount of attention, 1 reader wishes that he fought alongside He-Man, rather than against him. Another writer boasts that he has so much He-Man merchandise in his room, he hardly has room for his brother!

Feature Story: "Time Trap"
This ambitious comic story begins marvellously, with a triumphant Hordak and his minions Blade and Saurod (?) using the captured Cosmic Key to disappear into time, spelling an ultimate defeat for He-Man, Gwildor, and She-Ra. She-Ra?! Yes, this story has just about everything! Flashing back to this time yesterday, when all this trouble started, we are treated to the largest assembly of heroic warriors EVER presented in one panel, as King Randor, Queen Marlena, Man-At-Arms, Orko, the Sorceress, Teela, Extendar, Rio Blast, Clamp Champ, Moss Man, Roboto, Snout Spout, Prince Adam, and a visiting Princess Adora (whew, it seems they thought more is better in this story!) receive a demonstration from Gwildor of the power of his Cosmic Key invention. He sends a goblet 1 minute into the future, then as time catches up to it, the goblet reappears in his hand. Spying on the scene via a Fright Zone viewscreen, Hodak is disgusted at the thought of the Cosmic Key, "the greatest power in the universe," being used to perform inane parlor tricks. He vows to show the heroic fools how the Key should be used, and sets off to "round up a few allies." The next day, Adam and Adora are on hand as Gwildor turns a wasteland into a mighty forest by aging a few tiny plants to full growth with his Key. The forest is just as quickly mowed down by the power of Buzz-Saw Hordak, who has apparently been able to entice Blade and Saurod away from their service to Skeletor, at least for this story. The prince and princess bow out, and Hordak notices a flash of lightning on the horizon. He-Man and She-Ra suddenly appear, and while He-Man takes out Saurod by deflecting his own lasers back at him, She-Ra changes her "sword to staff!" and with a mighty swing, sends Blade sprawling (Power of Grayskull - 2, Blade - 0). But it is too late, Hordak has seized Gwildor's Cosmic Key, and vanishes into time, as depicted at the story's opening. But it is the nature of the Cosmic Key's manipulation of time that will prove to be Hordak's downfall. Knowing that Hordak must ultimately return to the site from which he left, our heroes construct an impenetrable Crystal Cube on the spot, and when Hordak and his minions reappear, 6 weeks later, they are instantly imprisoned within. For some reason, even with the Cosmic Key, they are unable to escape, and He-Man and She-Ra wind up ultimately victorious.

Feature Story II: She-Ra in "Winter Freeze"
A hard Etherian winter finds Adora bringing aid to a village being taxed into starvation by the Horde. Arriving at the outskirts with a load of food supplies, Spirit is spooked by a squirrel in the path. This is not a normal squirrel, however, it is frozen, not from the cold, but frozen as if time for it had stopped! Sighting other animals suffering similarly, Adora races to the village in panic, to find the entire population frozen like statues! Adora becomes She-Ra, and slips into the Fright Zone. Cautiously she sends Swift Wind back to the village, to take 1 of the frozen villagers to the Whispering Woods, as a warning to the rebels to stay low. Avoiding squads of Horde troopers, She-Ra discovers a secret spy room, from which she observes Hordak and Catra in the Horde throne room, gloating to themselves over their Time Beam weapon, and its effect on the village. Peering through the view screen of the wand-like Time Beam device, Catra sights Swift Wind land at the village. Pressing the appropriate button, she freezes him as well, as Hordak snarls with delight. Alarmed and enraged, She-Ra bursts through the wall into the throne room, and seizes the Time Beam. Hordak summons a swarm of troopers, but She-Ra aims the Time Beam at him, and he commands their retreat. She-Ra makes good her escape with the Time Beam, and back at the village, she smashes the device, returning Swift Wind and the villagers to normal, none the worse for their bizzare experience. But Swift Wind is puzzled, he only just landed at the village, and here She-Ra is, already having saved the day. "How did you manage this?" he asks. "I just used time wisely," She-Ra smiles, as she sets out distributing the food supplies to the people of the village.

Puzzles and Activities
"Who's Who?" is another co-ed activity, 17 He-Man/She-Ra trivia questions, with a bank of appropriate word to fill in the blanks. Strangely, 1 question refers to Catra as an "evil goddess," and Adora's horse Spirit is referred to as a "she." "Power Puzzles" presents a trio of 1-pagers: "A-Maze-Ing Castle," a maze which leads from 1 edge of Grayskull's facade, through the open jawbridge, and out the opposite side, "Arm Alarm!", which challenges you to discover which 2 of the 6 tangled arms, depicted in a massive snarl, are actually attached to SSSQueeze, and "Sssearch", a creepy (if incongruous) scene of Skeletor and SSSQueeze. How many other things in this jumbled room begin with the letter S?

Another sheet of Eternia Gift Wrap graces this issue's centerfold, rather than a poster (couldn't they do both?). The red-and-white paper features nicely painted (but ultimately unlikely) scenes: She-Ra, Extendar, and Orko decorating a tree while He-Man puts the finishing touches on wrapping a present, King Randor and Teela (wearing her snake mantle!) building a snowman, Snout Spout and Clamp Champ riding in a bobsled with a giant bag of toys, and (most unlikely!) Blade, the Sorceress, Skeletor, Rokkon, Man-At-Arms, and Cringer, singing carols before a small fire.

Other Images
Free gift: Grift wrap
Free gift: Grift wrap
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