Issue 2 - 1986
Collection: UK - Masters of the Universe - Egmont Magazines (1986-1988)
Year: 1986
Production Country: United Kingdom
Issue: 2
Language: English

Issue 2 - 1986
Issue 2 - 1986


Orko the Magician
The first of Orko's brief comedy strips which would feature regularly in the magazines. This one features him defending Eternos from Skeletor..... with a tennis racket.

Feature Story 1: "The Living Rocks"
He-Man and Man-At-Arms have been sent to the Shadow Land, to investigate rumors of a fearsome creature stalking the land. They are attacked by a gigantic monster, but when they take refuge in a river, the creature follows them by divinding into thousands of smaller creatures. It reforms into one, and He-Man detects that it is made from a kind of gem stone. He breaks the creature apart with a vibrating sound from his sword, but then one of the small creatures sends a mind signal to He-Man, saying that they only attacked him because they were under a spell by Skeletor to detract him from the Royal City while he attacked it from a secret underground base. They lead the heroes to the secret base, where Skeletor is forcing the Mole-men to work for him. He-Man frees them, and he and the mole-men fend off Skeletor's droids, and Skeletor flees.

Feature Story 2: "Hordak's Revenge"
Hordak makes a plan to lure both Skeletor and He-Man to the Fright Zone, then force them into a deadly combat which neither can win. Grizzlor lures Skeletor and Beast Man to the Fright Zone, and Mantenna captures He-Man and Man-At-Arms and imprisons them in the Fright Zone. But He-Man and Man-At-Arms escape, and defend themselves against Skeletor and Hordak, then both Skeletor and Hordak blame their warriors for losing.

Feature Story 3: "Skeletor's Champion"
Two Bad thinks up an idea to find a mighty champion for Skeletor who could defeat He-Man. He suggests that Skeletor holds a championship games for evil warriors across the universe to enter. Skeletor decides the idea is good and spreads word across the universe, and before long thousands of evil warriors are making their way to Eternia. Moss Man spies on some of the aliens as they arrive. When the games begin, these two aliens that Moss Man spied on appear to be doing particularly well, and eventually they both win and Skeletor decides to recruit them into his army. But then, they turn out to be He-Man and Fisto in disguise, having been tipped off by Moss Man, who helped them capture the real aliens and take their suits. They defeat Skeletor, who returns to Snake Mountain to punish Two Bad.

Competition: Enter the quest for the sacred stone of Mamod, using a map and riddles. The prize is to win a BMX battle bike and meet He-Man, who will present the winner with their own Castle Grayskull.

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