Issue 7 - 1986
Collection: UK - Masters of the Universe - Egmont Magazines (1986-1988)
Month: June
Year: 1986
Production Country: United Kingdom
Issue: 7
Language: English

Issue 7 - 1986
Issue 7 - 1986


Orko the Magician
This issue's comedy strip features Teela misunderstanding Orko seriously when he makes a drink for Cringer.

Feature Story 1: "Droid of Destruction"
Hordak invents a powerful droid which is powered to home in on He-Man's brainwave pattern. He says that the droid will follow He-Man until he is tired out and collapses. Hordak sends the droid off to find He-Man, while Hordak himself dons a helmet which enables him to see what the droid sees. The droid attacks He-Man, and as He-Man battles it, Hordak reveals that it is attached to his brainwave pattern before the droid knocks He-Man into a stream. He-Man thinks up a crafty scheme, and under the water he changes back to Prince Adam, who has a different brainwave pattern. When the droid loses trace of He-Man's brain wave, Hordak assumes He-Man is dead and uses the droid to capture Prince Adam as he emerges from the stream (one wonders why a prince would just happen to be in a stream). But out of the droid's sight, Adam changes back to He-Man, and destroys the droid, leaving Hordak baffled as to how He-Man disappeared and then came back.

Master Mail
More questions by the readers and answers by Scrollos. He states that He-Man is 6' 2", which seems a little small for He-Man.

Feature Story 2: "Double Split"
Skeletor lures He-Man into a trap, held underground by a grate made of Cosmium, a mystical material which produces strange effects on people. But He-Man is strong enough to break through the grate, and Skeletor flees. He-Man then changes back to Adam- but as he does, the Cosmium produces a strange after-effect... it splits He-Man into two- the regular Prince Adam, and an evil He-Man! Buzz-Off spots the evil He-Man attacking Adam, and alerts the heroic warriors, saying that He-Man has gone mad. They all come to defend themselves against the evil He-Man, but he is so strong that they are no match for him, even all together. Man-At-Arms, as he knows Adam's secret identity, is the only one who realises how serious the problem is, so Adam explains what happened. They make a plan to destroy the evil He-Man, and so Adam leaps into the Attak Trak, pretending he is going after a powerful weapon in Snake Mountain. The evil He-Man follows him, wanting the weapon for himself, and tries to invade Snake Mountain. Skeletor, of course, thinks it is the real He-Man and doesn't realise he has turned evil, so he fires a blast at him, and He-Man vanishes into thin air. At that moment, Adam feels a strange tingling through his body, and tests it by attempting to turn into He-Man. This time, the transformation works properly, and He-Man thanks Skeletor for destroying the evil He-Man and unwittingly helping the heroic warriors. This is one of the best stories ever in this comic series.

Feature Story 3: "Crawl Bomb"
Two Bad has invented a new device called the crawl bomb, a huge bomb with explosives inside that are strong enough to destroy Eternos. Skeletor and Two Bad march towards the city with the Crawl Bomb. But Moss Man spies them as they approach, and warns the other warriors. They come charging towards the Crawl Bomb, but are unable to destroy it. As it comes closer to Eternos, Skeletor presses a button on the control panel to make the bomb explode- but the city is left unharmed, and from some distance away comes an explosion. It turns out that the explosion came from Two Bad's work cave- he had forgotten to put the explosives inside the bomb! Skeletor retreats, and Two Bad's heads blame one another for their failure.

(This is a classic issue with three brilliant stories, especially the amazing "Double Split". "Crawl Bomb" is also a great story for Two Bad, who was to come up with many more inventions in the future issues.)

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