Issue 14 - 1986
Collection: UK - Masters of the Universe - Egmont Magazines (1986-1988)
Month: September
Year: 1986
Production Country: United Kingdom
Issue: 14
Language: English

Issue 14 - 1986
Issue 14 - 1986


Orko the Magician
This strip features Orko messing up yet another spell when trying to make his room weightless.

Feature Story 1: "It's A Zog's Life"
The Zog from the previous issue, who wants to join Skeletor's army, returns to Eternia in his tiny spaceship, and lands in Snake Mountain. He creates, with his ship, an image of a warrior, who just manages to persuade Skeletor that he can destroy He-Man for him. Meanwhile, in a small village, He-Man is presenting a young boy with a medal for bravery. But then Skeletor attacks, with the strange warrior, who assists Skeletor's warriors with knocking He-Man unconscious. Skeletor then begins to attack the young boy, but the Zog is shocked at seeing Skeletor trying to hurt someone of his own age, and makes the warrior change sides, and attack Skeletor. He-Man then recovers, and he and the stranger make Skeletor retreat, then the Zog lands his ship in He-Man's hand, the stranger fades away, and the Zog explains that he has changed his mind about working for evil, now that he has realised how evil Skeletor is.

Master Mail
The letters page this issue features someone curious about Man-At-Arms' lack of a moustache in the first few issues, and an explanation that these stories took place before he decided to grow one!

Feature Story 2: "Return of the Great Beasts"
Hordak uses a time portal machine to bring beasts from ancient Eternia to the present day. He uses them to attack a village. A villager rushes to Eternos and warns the heroic warriors, and they start to fire at the beasts as they march on Eternos, but their weapons have no effect. So He-Man uses his sword to tunnel underground, and emerges in front of Hordak's machine. After a brief battle with a time creature, the beast accidentally activates Hordak's laser weapon, which blows up the machine, and the beats vanish.

Feature Story 3: "The Children of Eternia"
The Children in Eternos city all mysteriously vanish, and Stratos reveals it has happened all over Eternia. Even worse, he has sighted a huge army on the northern plain. He-Man, Teela, Stratos and Man-At-Arms set out to find this army, and eventually find them- being led by Skeletor! Skeletor reveals that the army ARE the missing children, who have been aged by Evil-Lyn's spell and brain-washed to obey Skeletor, using the Light of Zor. So He-Man leads his warriors to the Cave of Doom, where the spell was taken from, and after a struggle with Skeletor's minions, Stratos retrieves the Light of Zor, and the spell is broken. The warriors walk back to Eternos city, and find the children making their way back too.

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