2 - Skeletor's Journey
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Collection: He-Man Mini-Comics (Mattel)
Publisher: Mattel
Year: 1989
Production Country: USA
Issue: 2 of 4
Language: English



As the action continues from the previous issue, He-Man prompts the Guardians to follow Skeletor as the laser gate is quickly closing. Flipshot punches to light speed, but as the ship roars through the laser gate, a power surge caused by the gate's closure causes the ship to spiral out of control! Looking back at his pursuers careening through space, the wounded Skeletor cackles, as the starship spins out of sight to its apparent doom.

Skeletor stumbles into his shuttle pod's medical emergencies bay and augments his badly-burned body with bionic replacements, emerging with a sinister new cybernetically-enhanced look of evil. While this is going on, his shuttle pod is approaching the planets of the Tri-Solar System

During Hydron and Flipshot's absense in the past, another attack on planet Primus has occurred, resulting in the loss of the Trifusium Crystal, the element that is used to regulate Primus' atmosphere. Without this jewel-like mineral, Primus' air begins to thin, and it is only a matter of time before the planet itself self-destructs!

In an effort to retrieve the crystal a Galactic Guardian, Kayo, has tracked the thieves with an Astrosub to their lair. Mutant commander Flogg rails at Slushhead and Optikk for stealing Primus' crystals, not their missiles, as they were instructed. As the Mutants argue, Lizorr interrupts. Two Priman ships which have entered Denebrian airspace! Flogg has Lizorr activate their magnetic web to draw in the shuttle pod, hoping to snare an important Priman hostage. Flogg, Slushhead and Optikk set out in the Terroclaw to intercept Kayo's astrosub, which has landed nearby.

Discovering the astrosub, the 3 Mutants make short work of the lone Galactic Guardian. Back at Gorn Crater, as the Mutants try to pry information out of Kayo, the stoic hero's eyes widen as he sees the object of his quest, the stolen Trifusium Crystal, lying discarded on the crater floor amidst the debris.

An ill-timed transmission from planet Primus to Kayo's helmet radio clues the mutants into the importance of the crystal. As they congratulate themselves, Lizorr interrupts with news of the shuttle pod's arrival. The shuttle crashes into the crater chamber, scattering the mutants.

In the confusion, Kayo escapes, but fails to take the Trifusium Crystal with him. As the mutants give chase, Flogg decides to greet his new prisoner. With an agonizing blast of electronic fire from his new Skull Staff, Skeletor exults his dominion over Flogg and his forces, threatening the mutant with death should he ever challenge his rule. As Flogg cowers kneeling in subjugation before the Lord of Destruction, Skeletor vows that this time, and this star-system, will soon feel the force of his ultimate evil.

To be continued...

1989, Series 1.
Packaged with Skeletor.

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back cover
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