Issue 28 - 1987
Collection: UK - Masters of the Universe - Egmont Magazines (1986-1988)
Month: April
Year: 1987
Production Country: United Kingdom
Issue: 28
Language: English

Issue 28 - 1987
Issue 28 - 1987


Orko the Magician
Orko has transformed himself into a toadstool by mistake in this issue's comedy strip.

Feature Story 1: "The Fastest Laser-Gun on Eternia"
He-Man and Sy-Klone are investigating a fallen meteor, when they are attacked by a gunslinger. He-Man knocks him back with his sword, and they ask him which evil army he is working for- but then they notice a badge on his chest, which shows he is a member of the Starband Marshalls. He tells them that his name is Rio Blast and he is the last of the Starband Marshalls. His world was smashed by a meteor, just as he was working in an Astro-Jail. A small chunk of the meteor hit him, and knocked him onto Eternia. He says he only attacked He-Man and Sy-Klone because he was confused. He tells them he believes that Horde Prime who attacked the Starband by sending the meteor, so he decides to stay with the heroic warriors to strike back at Horde Prime.

Master Mail
This issue's letters page features an interesting one from one of the reader's mothers, wanting to see more stories about the everyday life on Eternia- once again, proves that MOTU is more than a kids' thing!

Feature Story 2: "Spring-time for Skeletor"
A green, rabbit-like creature lands on Eternia, to bring spring to the planet. When Skeletor sees him trying to make the land around Snake Mountain bloom with flowers, he gets Spikor and Two Bad to capture him, and shouts at him for vandalizing his land. The spring creature says he is expected at Eternos, so Skeletor makes him lead him back to his ship, and board it, forcing his captive to fly it for him. At Eternos, the ship lands, Skeletor emerges and freezes Randor, Teela, and Man-At-Arms with a freeze spell. Adam sneaks off and becomes He-Man, then the spring creature gives him some seeds to sow, that trap Skeletor and his warriors in flower stems. The spring creature then uses an egg to destroy the freeze spell, Skeletor flees, and then the spring creature leaves to see to other worlds.

Feature Story 3: "Comet Catastrophe"
A comet has crashed on Eternia, and the heroic warriors are trying to help people who were affected by the comet. Inside a tall tower, they find a scientist called Mikar, who is working on a serum which gives the user incredible mind-power. Skeletor has heard about it, and wants it for himself, so he attacks the tower- but is very angry when he sees He-Man inside! So he blasts He-Man with his staff, then engulfs the tower in molten lava. But He-Man, Extendar and Snout Spout help to save the day.

Feature Story 4: "Two Bad's Master Game"
A one-page comedy strip starring Two Bad. Two Bad's heads are playing Blocker (the Eternian version of chess) with one another, (arguing of course) and Webstor comes in to boast about how good he is at the game, then Beast Man introduces an interesting new Blocker player...

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Free gift: Board Game Action Figures
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