Issue 31 - 1987
Collection: UK - Masters of the Universe - Egmont Magazines (1986-1988)
Month: May
Year: 1987
Production Country: United Kingdom
Issue: 31
Language: English

Issue 31 - 1987
Issue 31 - 1987


Scrollos welcome text about the Mantisaur and Slime Pit story are actually stories of the next issue.

Feature Story 1: "My Friend No More"
This is the greatest story ever to be printed in this comic series. Two young athletes, called Theydon and Doodon, are running in an important race, and are way ahead of the other runners. Suddenly, Doodon slips and falls into some quicksand. Theydon dives forward to rescue him- and loses the race as he does so. Doodon is grateful for how his friend gave up the race to save his life. But just then, Leech and Modulok spring out and capture them both, dragging them to the Fright Zone. Hordak subjects them to his evil experiments, and turns them both into new warriors for his Horde- Extendar and Dragstor. But Extendar has somehow retained control of his mind, and so he assumes the same has happened for Dragstor. In the night, he wakes Dragstor up, telling him they must contact the heroic warriors- but his heart is broken when he sees that Dragstor has been turned evil after all, as he summons Hordak. Extendar escapes from the Fright Zone- but Hordak sends Dragstor after him..... (cont'd in next story) Puzzle Instead of the master mail, this issue features a puzzle taken from one of the activity books- you have to help the Sorceress through a maze to Grayskull.

Feature story 2: "Battle of the Fright Zone" (Cont'd from previous story)
Dragstor uses his incredible speed to catch up with Extendar, and begins to fight him- but Extendar can not bring himself to fight back, knowing that Dragstor should be his friend. Luckily, Buzz-Off sees them fighting, and he deals with Dragstor by picking him up and throwing him into a river. Dragstor retreats back to the Fright Zone, and Buzz-Off, intrigued by what Extendar tells him of Dragstor's hold over him, takes him to the royal palace to see Man-At-Arms. Extendar tells Man-At-Arms his story, and Man-At-Arms guesses that Hordak's experiment didn't work on him because his mind was too moved by how Dragstor had saved his life. Back at the Fright Zone, Dragstor has returned, and when he tells Hordak that Extendar has escaped, Hordak realises that Extendar will tell the heroic warriors about his equipment, and so he teleports it to an underwater dome, guarded by sea demons. Just then, He-Man and Extendar arrive at the Fright Zone, hoping to find the equipment to change Dragstor back to normal. They fail to find the laboratory, but He-Man uses his sword to tell him where the equipment is hidden. So they leave the Fright Zone, and dive into the sea, where He-Man forms an air bubble with his sword to keep them safe. They reach the dome- but Extendar gets a shock when he sees that Hordak has left Dragstor to guard it, knowing that the warriors would not endanger Dragstor! There seems to be no way they can smash the dome open without detsroying Dragstor..... (cont'd in next story)

Feature story 3: "Dome of Doom"
He-Man uses his sword to fend off the sea creatures surrounding the glass dome. Then they make their way closer in the air bubble, and try to think of a way to get inside without harming Dragstor. But an evil fish that is watching them goes and reports to its master, Mer-Man, who reads its mind and decides to destroy He-Man before he can accomplish his task. He summons a huge army of sea demons, and sets them on the glass dome. They smash through, endangering Dragstor! But Extendar stretches out one arm, and pulls Dragstor inside the bubble, just as the sea demons start to steal the machinery. He-Man gets the bubble back to the surface to get Extendar and Dragstor safe back on land, then he goes back after Mer-Man to destroy the equipment. He-Man defeats Mer-Man's sea creatures, as Extendar just manages to keep control of Dragstor. He-Man is then about to destroy the machinery, but Mer-Man does the job for him, believing that He-Man still wants to use it. Mer-Man escapes, thinking he has beaten He-Man, and He-Man returns to the surface. They attempt to hold onto Dragstor, but he escapes back to the Fright Zone. Extendar vows to never rest until he has freed his friend from Hordak's curse, so He-Man welcomes him to the masters of the universe.

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