Issue 40 - 1987
Collection: UK - Masters of the Universe - Egmont Magazines (1986-1988)
Month: September
Year: 1987
Production Country: United Kingdom
Issue: 40
Language: English

Issue 40 - 1987
Issue 40 - 1987


Feature Story 1: "Viper Victory"
Continued from "The Defeat of He-Man" in the previous issue. He-Man, Extendar and Rio Blast are trapped inside Tung Lashor's venom shield, and King Hiss begins to fire at the shield. But his laser fire cracks the venom shell, and He-Man manages to smash through. King Hiss and the Snake Men retreat to Viper Tower, and King Hiss leaves the Magna-snakes to fight the heroes. Rio Blast fends them off by using his lasers to set some vegetation on fire, and the fire scares away the snakes. Just the, lasers start to fire from the three towers of Viper Tower themselves! Two roads start to grow from the towers' sides, linking the three of them together, and then a pair of claws reaches out and grabs Extendar..... (continued in next issue)

Master Mail
Questions about Modulok's lack of a bat symbol, Orko's covering of his face and Spikor's trident hand feature in this issue's letters page!

Feature Story 2: "The Monster Maker, part 1"
Skeletor, seeming more evil and sinister than ever, plans to conjure up a potion that will take away the power of He-Man's sword. He calls forth a demon from the Netherworld called Targoz the Terrible. But Targoz isn't so evil at all, and is suffering from flu! Skeletor forces him to give him the nega-serum which he needs to create the potion, then Skeletor blasts Targoz back to his sick bed. Then Skeletor calls Kobra Khan, and makes him drink the potion, ordering him to spray it on He-Man's sword when he next fights him. Kobra Khan goes out and attacks He-Man, firing the vapor containing the serum at He-Man. Kobra Khan then retreats, and He-Man attempts to use his sword- but when he uses it, it causes loads of strange creatures to emerge. They vanish when He-Man stops using the sword, but He-Man is suspicious..... (cont'd in next story)

Feature Story 3: "The Monster Maker, part 2"
He-Man returns, with Battle Cat, to the Royal Palace, and gets his sword out to change them back to Adam and Cringer. But when he attempts to change them back, the strange creatures emerge from the sword once again! He-Man can no longer use his sword without these strange creatures flying all over the place. Man-At-Arms tests the sword by scanning it as He-Man uses it, and he detects an odd energy-surge. The also manages to trace the source of the surge- to another world. He-Man goes to Grayskull and uses a portal to get to this other world, and he finds Targoz the Terrible suffering from the flu. Targoz explains that Skeletor had summoned him to Eternia, and Targoz only gave him the serum because he thought that since he was ill, it wouldn't help Skeletor. But it did have an effect on He-Man's sword- it caused it to produce Demon Cold germs! Targoz tells He-Man he will need both energy sources which created the problem to cure it. He-Man returns to Eternia to find Grayskull under attack by Skeletor. He-Man tricks Skeletor by using the sword, thus producing the strange demons- but he pretends that the demons are extra power! Skeletor is fooled, and makes Evil-Lyn use her magic to cancel the sword's 'new powers'- so she reverses the spell! Skeletor retreats, and He-Man's sword is back to normal.

(The best part in this issue is when Skeletor is ready to summon Targoz and he seems really evil... Evil-Lyn actually seems frightened of him!)

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