Issue 45 - 1987
Collection: UK - Masters of the Universe - Egmont Magazines (1986-1988)
Month: December
Year: 1987
Production Country: United Kingdom
Issue: 45
Language: English

Issue 45 - 1987
Issue 45 - 1987


Orko the Magician
This issue's comedy strip features Orko and Adam meeting Snout Spout wearing sunglasses.

Feature Story 1: "The Puppet Master"
Orko and Cringer are walking through the woods, when they are attacked by a Horde trooper. Orko uses his magic to create a bush to hide them in. The trooper mistakes it for a real bush, but senses a magic power and takes a sample for Hordak to analyse. Back at the Fright Zone, Hordak analyses the sample from the bush, but he senses that it was created by Orko, and angrily blasts the trooper apart with his cannon arm. But then he finds that he can duplicate the magical base, and have a very powerful weapon. The next day, He-Man is on patrol with Orko and Stonedar, when they find an old cart on fire. They are about to investigate, when Hordak springs out of the ground, and zaps them with a new weapon... turning He-Man and Orko into wooden puppets! (continued in part 2)

Master Mail
In this edition of Master Mail, Raphael Astern is confused over whose side Kobra Khan is on, while Stuart Gillespie is curious about the origin of Fisto's iron fist. The response to the latter promises to print the story behind the fist in a future "Secret Files" but unfortunately they never did.

Feature Story 2: "The Puppet Master, part 2"
Hordak is about to cause chaos with He-Man and Orko, now wooden puppets- but the weapon has failed to work on Stonedar, since he is made of stone. Stonedar converts to rock form and rolls away, then starts firing at Hordak from a distance. Hordak attempts to use the puppets to destroy Stonedar, but Stonedar takes off into the air, leaving Hordak to go after him in rocket form. An air battle follows, and Stonedar manages to take hold of Hordak's weapon. Hordak attempts to pay Stonedar back by destroying his friends, and so he fires at the wooden He-Man and Orko, but instead of destroying them, the blast returns them to normal! Hordak flees, and Stonedar explains that before Hordak fired at He-Man, Stonedar destroyed the magic bush which was the power source for Hordak's weapon, cancelling the spell.

Feature Story 3: "Talking Pictures"
Orko returns to Eternia after visiting a wizard in another dimension, but to get back he has had to travel through the spell storm, which affects magic people in unusual ways. In Grayskull, he tries to use his magic to clean some paintings, but the spell storm has affected his magic so that it brings paintings to life! And it was Orko's terrible misfortune that the paining he was cleaning was of a dreadful dragon... but then he finds a painting of He-Man, and so he brings He-Man to life to defeat the dragon. He-Man takes care of the dragon and forces it to return to its painting, then he agrees to help Orko reverse the effects of the spell storm. Just as all the paintings start coming to life, Orko describes what the spell storm looked like, and He-Man draws a picture of it, and Orko brings the picture to life, so it restores his magic powers, and all the painting creatures, including He-Man, return to their frames. Before he goes, He-Man tells Orko that the real He-Man is lucky to have a friend like him.

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