Issue 47 - 1987
Collection: UK - Masters of the Universe - Egmont Magazines (1986-1988)
Month: December
Year: 1987
Production Country: United Kingdom
Issue: 47

Issue 47 - 1987
Issue 47 - 1987


The MOTU magazine reached its best stage ever with this classic issue.

Feature Story 1: "Showdown on Eternia"
Using his mist of vision to spy on an alien world, Skeletor sees a gunman shooting a barbarian warrior. Thinking the gunner, whose name is Blastar, could make a good warrior, he teleports him to Eternia and clouds his mind with a spell, turning him into a kind of rampaging zombie. He then sends him to find He-Man- and Blastar does, firing He-Man with his lasers, and they begin a tremendous fight. But as they fight, Blastar fires repeatedly into a hole in a mountain, and when He-Man looks inside the hole, he sees a message written there by Blastar's lasers, explaining that he is under a spell by Skeletor and does not want to fight him. So He-Man uses a bolt from his sword to free Blastar from Skeletor's spell. Blastar returns to normal, thanks He-Man for helping him, and then lends He-Man his guns so they can keep the warriors from Snake Mountain at bay before the lasers run out. Blastar then helps He-Man assist some workmen with building a road tunnel, then returns to his homeworld.

Master Mail
An interesting message in this issue's Master Mail is from a boy claiming to have found a heroic warrior in his garden... and another, from Dagar Wilson, says "I can't understand how King Hiss can get his human body off when he is changing into his snake form. How?" to which the reply is "King Hiss has magic powers, Dagar!"

Feature Story 2: "Broom's Day Off"
A brief story featuring Orko being visited by Broom from Etheria! He shows off to broom his magical powers, using a spell which speeds up chemical reactions- just s Beast Man attacks! But Orko manages to fend off Beast Man withoutn realising, using his spells!

Feature Story 3: "Match Point"
A group of children are playing a game of kickball (The Eternian version of soccer), but the ball accidentally goes over a hedge..... and hits Spikor! Spikor threatens the kids, and picks up one of them, intending to take him back to Snake Mountain with him- but the star striker, Nikkol, boots the ball at Spikor with her brilliant shot! Spikor is just about to impale one of the kids on his spikes, when Mekaneck arrives on the scene. He scares Spikor off, then joins the kids in a game of kickball (He's particularly good at headers, as you might imagine).

Feature Story 4: "The Great Mistakes"
This is definitely one of the weirdest stories ever in the magazine... a story full of deliberate mistakes, and it is up to the reader to spot them! It starts with Skeletor, from his base in the Fright Zone, setting out to conquer Eternia with his warriors Spikor (with spiky hair), Fish-Man (Mer-Man), and Two Bad- whose two heads are very friendly and complimentary towards one another! Skeletor makes a plan to use his weapon, the whip of chaos, to lash away the ground from underneath the mystic fortress of good... Castle Whiteskull! He goes there with his warriors, on his pet- Battle Cat! In Castle Whiteskull, He-Man is playing a game of Blocker with his best friend... Hordak! Just then, the castle is attacked, and He-Man knows he is too weak in his current form to defend the castle... so he raises the power sword, says "By the Power of Orko! I am Adam!" and turns into Adam, mightiest man in the universe! He sets off with some other warriors to the battlement (although Sy-Klone has difficulty catching up, since he's so slow) and Hordak uses his power of flight to reach Skeletor! But Skeletor turns into a giant fly-swat and knocks Hordak out! The heroic warriors go to stop him, as he lashes away the ground from beneath Whiteskull, and Man-At-Arms uses his massive, extending arms to steal Skeletor's whip! All the ground has been removed... but the dungeons are so deep that the castle still stands! Skeletor is very happy about his scheme failing, so he converts to rocket form and blasts off to Viper Tower to plan his next attack! Adam congratulates his mighty warriors, Man-At-Arms, Orko, Sy-Klone, Roboto (who appeared from nowhere), and Grizzlor on another victory for the Misters of the Universe! There follows a run-down of all the mistakes in the story. Yes, this story honestly exists! You just have to see it to believe it!

(One of the greatest issues ever. Blastar in "Showdown on Eternia" is a great character, though I think there should have been some connection between him and Rio Blast. But the highlight of the issue is "The Great Mistakes"- the writers of this comic sure did keep coming up with crazy ideas, but they provided non-stop entertainment with it! I mean, where else have you seen a story full of deliberate mistakes?! This is a classic issue and you must in no way miss it!)

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