Issue 55 - 1988
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Collection: UK - Masters of the Universe - Egmont Magazines (1986-1988)
Month: April
Year: 1988
Production Country: United Kingdom
Issue: 55
Language: English

Issue 55 - 1988
Issue 55 - 1988


Orko the Magician
In this fortnight's comedy strip, Orko makes his head vanish with some vanishing cream. In one panel, you almost see him without his hat...

Feature Story 1: "The Demon Brew" (English translation of the German comic "Der Trank des Dämons" from Ehapa)
Evil-Lyn manages to duplicate the shrinking serum developed by the scientist Jodder in issue #5. Skeletor sneaks into the Royal Palace and pours the serum into the Royal Water supply. That night, Adam, Man-At-Arms, Teela, Fisto, Snout Spout and Sy-Klone are having a special meal, to celebrate Orko's anniversary of being on Eternia. They are unaware that the water they drink is infected. The next morning, they awake to find themselves shrunk to the size of dolls! Adam just about manages to use his sword to turn him to He-Man- but he remains doll-sized! Skeletor then uses a special ray to transport the warriors to the dungeon in Snake Mountain! (cont'd in next part)

Master Mail
This issue's letters page features a question from someone confused over Roboto's origin, having seen the conflicting versions in the cartoon and the minicomics. The response is that the minicomic was right, the TV show told an alternate version!

Feature Story 2: "The Demon Brew", Cont'd
He-Man decides to investigate Snake Mountain, to find a way of changing back. He drinks some water from Snout Spout's trunk to shrink to an even smaller size, then sneaks out of the dungeon and through Snake Mountain, unnoticed. In the jail room, he finds a set of keys, which he uses to unlock an electronic unit on the table, and hides inside. The unit is one that Skeletor is using to attack Eternos- but He-Man damages it, and emerges just before Skeletor can use it, making Skeletor very angry! (cont'd in next part)

Feature Story 3: "The Demon Brew", Cont'd
Skeletor chases the miniature He-Man throughout the room, but even in small size, He-Man is too fast for him. He knocks a curtain on top of Skeletor, then he is greeted by Zoar, who uses the power of Grayskull to make him giant-sized. The giant-sized He-Man saves his friends from the dungeon, picks them up, and carries them to the exit! Along the way they come across Skeletor and some of his warriors- but He-Man just kicks them aside with his enlarged feet, and destroys the serum, so the magicall effects wear off, and they all return to their normal size. Back at the palace, they have another special meal, this time with clear water!

Comic Strip 1: "Break Down"
The first of two very short comedy strips starring Stinkor.

Comic Strip 2: "The Boaster"
The second of two very short comedy strips starring Stinkor.

(This is a great issue- nice to see Jodder's serum being used yet again- but the main story is let down by one fatal flaw: the heroic warriors have their meal with Prince Adam, with the water infected, and therefore Adam is shrunk the next morning. But, when He-Man appears shrunk, no-one becomes suspicious about why he is also small, even though from what they saw, he never shared the meal! And when He-Man himself states that they all shared the meal last night, still no one is suspicious!)

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