Issue 59 - 1988
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Collection: UK - Masters of the Universe - Egmont Magazines (1986-1988)
Month: June
Year: 1988
Production Country: United Kingdom
Issue: 59
Language: English

Issue 59 - 1988
Issue 59 - 1988



Feature Story 1: "Prince Adam: Bully" (English translation of the German comic "Doppelspiel des Teufels" from Ehapa)
Skeletor goes chasing after He-Man and Battle Cat. Eventually, he manages to imprison them, and he is pleased because it means he will be able to carry out his new scheme. And what is that scheme? To disguise himself as Prince Adam! What?! Since when did Skeletor know Adam's secret?! He puts on a Prince Adam disguise and goes to the palace. The people at the palace are instantly shocked by Adam's sudden arrogance and bravery, apart from Teela, who is instantly impressed by Adam's sudden change... (cont'd in next part)

Master Mail
More MOTU questions/answers.

Feature Story 2: "Prince Adam: Bully", Cont'd
When the fake Prince Adam threatens King Randor, and calls him weak, he is taken to the dungeons for treason- but he escapes, and together with Teela sets out in the Wind Raider. But then he begins to shock even Teela when he goes at a speed far too fast and dangerous... and then reveals himself to be Skeletor in disguise! He flings Teela from the Wind Raider, but luckily she is caught by Man-at-Arms, flying lower down. The heroic warriors set out to find where the real Prince Adam is... (cont'd in next part)

Feature Story 3: "Prince Adam: Bully", Cont'd
Man-At-Arms and Teela and Orko find where Skeletor has imprisoned He-Man, in a large ball, high above the ground. Skeletor arrives on the scene, and Orko starts to pretend it is not He-Man and Battle Cat, but Prince Adam and Cringer in there, and Skeletor starts to be fooled. The story, therefore, gets even more ridiculous- earlier on, Skeletor captured He-Man so he could impersonate Prince Adam, so he must have known the secret- now he doesn't? And he sure did see it when he captured He-Man! Orko manages to free He-Man and Battle Cat, and He-Man fends off Skeletor. Then he sneaks away and turns back to Adam, then goes to Teela and explains that the "brave" Prince Adam was in fact Skeletor in disguise, and Teela goes mad at him, threatening to punch him in anger for remaining a weakling when she realises that the brave Prince Adam was in fact Skeletor... Excuse me, but she found out the evil Prince Adam was Skeletor earlier in the story!!! Who the hell wrote this thing?!!

(This is the worst ever issue of the MOTU magazine! I simply can not comprehend how this terrible issue could ever actually have gone into production. It is so uneven and poorly-written- I mean, Skeletor captures He-Man so he can impersonate Prince Adam, yet later in the story he doesn't know the secret?! And Teela sees the evil Prince Adam rip off his veil and reveal Skeletor, yet later she totally forgets?! And even if she hadn't known, Teela would not attempt to attack Adam for being weak- just who wrote this? How could this actually have gone into production? It is the most shambolic excuse for a MOTU story ever, in all of the many canons! Luckily, the comic itself was later to acknowledge how poor this issue was, as a reader in a later letters page pointed out the discrepancies in this story, and Scrollos apologized, saying that the computer was on the blink when the issue was written. And I hope that in reality, whoever scripted this terrible story got the sack. If you are a collector, avoid this mess of an issue at all costs.)

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