Issue 67 - 1988
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Collection: UK - Masters of the Universe - London Editions Magazines-Egmont (1986-1988)
Month: October
Year: 1988
Production Country: United Kingdom
Issue: 67
Language: English

Page 8
Page 8



Orko the Magician
Orko prepares for the moment of his greatest magical achievement... but the magic spell goes wrong!

Feature Story 1: "The Deadly Wishes" (English translation of the German comic "Im Wahn der Wünsche" from Ehapa)
Snout Spout, Stonedar, and Extendar are on patrol, when they hear a strange voice, claiming to be the voice of the Dream Mistress, who will grant them all their innermost wish if they can reach the center of her empire. They are all instantly tempted- Extendar wants to restore Dragstor to his human form, Snout Spout wants to be human again, and Stonedar wants his meteor people to defeat Skeletor. They all enter the Dream Mistress' fortress, but Orko sees what happens, and his magic senses it is all a trick. The warriors enter, but instantly find chaos inside- they are sucked into an energy vortex and are attacked by mechanical birds. Snout Spout is badly injured and cannot go on, so Extendar and Stonedar move on, promising to collect him on the way back. Meanwhile, Orko reports to Adam what has happened, and Adam becomes He-Man and sets off with Orko to the Dream Mistress' empire. In the strange fortress, Stonedar and Extendar are trapped in a room where huge, sharp spikes protrude from the walls, but Extendar manages to hold the walls apart with his strong, extending body. Stonedar moves on, promising to collect Extendar on the way back. He reaches the center, where the voice of the Dream Mistress tells him only one more test lies ahead..... (cont'd in next part)

Master Mail
A question on today's Master Mail asks if Man-At-Arms and the Sorceress are married, since they both appear to be Teela's parents. But the answer explains that Man-At-Arms is not Teela's real father.

Feature Story 2: "The Deadly Wishes", Cont'd
The last test springs up before Stonedar- a giant snake-like creature rears up before him, but he has no trouble in defeating it. The Dream Mistress herself then appears, and tells Stonedar she will fulfill his innermost wish. Stonedar is about to wish for Skeletor to be destroyed- but then he remembers the serious danger his friends are in, and instead wishes for them to be freed. The Dream Mistress is shocked that Stonedar has not used the wish to destroy Skeletor- and then she turns out to be merely a projection by Hordak, who wanted to use a dream stone to destroy Skeletor! The dream stone teleports Stonedar, Extendar, and Snout Spout to safety, just as He-Man and Orko arrive. Hordak is not far away but he teleports back to the Fright Zone, assuring the warriors he will return with a new plan!

Comic strip: "Getting Ahead"
A brief comedy strip featuring He-Man and Orko trying to get past Rattlor, and using a comical scheme to defeat him.

Feature Story 3: "Secret Files of Scrollos: Moss Man"
Moss Man's origin story begins with him inhabiting the world of Florania, a giant jungle world in the same galaxy as Eternia. The planet is inhabited by the Moss People and several dinosaurs, who the Moss People avoid by blending in with the undergrowth. But the planet is discovered by the evil horde empire, who decide to crush the world. They blast away the vegetation with their poisonous rain, leaving the Moss People victims to the terrible dinosaurs. Then one day, Moss Man sees a Horde ship crash. He sneaks on board, but is beamed aboard the Mother Ship. He is attacked by Hordesmen, but uses his incredible strength to fend them off, then drives the other ships away from Florania, and travels to Eternia, where he meets He-Man and joins the heroic warriors.

Issue 67 - 1988
Issue 67 - 1988
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