Busta Toons' Blog! (#0301 - #0400)

Since January 1st 2006 The He-Man and She-Ra Blog! written by James "Busta Toons" Eatock has entertained thousands of fans worldwide. Now, on a regular basis, those very posts will start appearing on! And if you feel the need, discuss the posts in the Busta Toons Blog! thread on the forums. Here are posts #0301 - #0400.

A beautiful piece of layout artwork.
Another beautiful piece of layout artwork.
Yet another beautiful piece of layout artwork.
The final beautiful piece of layout artwork.
Evil-Lyn spies on He-Man in order to sell toys.
He-Man races to the Wind Raider...
Bow celebrates winning with Adora at his side.
One of Trap Jaw's rarest attachments.
Glimmer pens a note in this Geoff Senior illustration...
The angle of this image favors Madame Razz!
A raven delivers a message...
Skeletor's eyes have never looked crazier!
Catra runs out of patience with the lazy Clawdeen.
As featured in issue eleven of the UK She-Ra comic.
As featured in issue eleven of the UK She-Ra comic.
He-Man supports the know-it-all owl...
Beast Man once again fails to overpower He-Man...
He-Man underwent one surprising transformation!
An exciting scene adorns the cover, but the story does not exist!
One of the most memorable moments in the 2002 cartoon...
Drissi communicated with some odd-looking creatures...
One artist copies another during the run of UK annuals.
Teela shows little fear as she searches for Prince Adam.
Certain easter eggs can be found on the She-Ra DVDs.
In a colorful panel the heroes head back.
He-Man throws Mer-Man into the air...
He-Man throws Ollo into the air...
He-Man throws Mer-Man into the air, again...
Man-At-Arms is defeated.
The heroes look skyward.
Swift Wind appears in the same scene as Adora!
Skeletor is bathed in an iridescent glow.
Prince Adam and Cringer attempt to fix a Sky Sled.
She-Ra and Bow take to the skies on Swift Wind.
Skeletor commands the firing of his latest device.
Skeletor and Evil-Lyn in all their glory.
The Lord of Destruction has never looked more helpless...
Orko informs Teela of his plan...
One of Kowl's many conceptual designs.
For a brief time in the UK comics this phrase was used!
He nearly appeared in the first He-Man episode!
The Dark One greatly resembled another character...
Just what was that oversized piece of machinery in the background?
She-Ra reveals that her hairstyle greatly resembles Adora's...
The Sorceress does something very out of character...
One of the many competitions that ran in the UK comic.
The Mutants of Denebria from a unique perspective.
Jistu sneaks up on Fisto!
This time Fisto is ready for Jitsu!
He-Man is presented with a wreath.
Originally Shakra's design was influenced by a previous Filmation series.
Orko has a moment of forgetfulness.
Skeletor learns of a prophecy with regards to the Sword of Power.
With the aid of Zoar, He-Man makes the impossible happen.
A sequence of events show Skeletor's creation terrorizing Eternia!
Adora and Frosta ride the all-pink Spirit.
He-Man and Fisto want a hot drink...
Evil-Lyn is animated out of stock outside of Castle Grayskull.
The First Ones were given a very different look in one particular canon.
Mekaneck's weapon is illustrated with new abilities.
The villainous Acrobad nearly became an action figure...
When the Snake Men attack, Tri-Klops' eyes are revealed!
An idea that appeared in a few of the earliest canons...
Orko discovers a new source of magic...
Skeletor is confused...
The first of He-Man's many transformations begins...
An interestingly colored Whiplash attacks...
He-Man's sudden speed aids in his battle with Skeletor...
Orko is located...
Orko casts a flower-related spell.
Skeletor wields his mighty weapon.
A unique take on the transformation back.
One of Bow's numerous designs.
Orko displeases King Randor.
Adora calls upon the power.
Don Manuel has some harsh words.
The other name for the Sword of Power.
These two individuals appeared only once.
Clawdeen finally appears!
The memorable moment when Orko lost his hat.
Madame Razz is revealed in one particular episode...
Spikor strikes some over-the-top poses!
A great piece of artwork by Robin Davies!
Clawdeen looks on as Catra approaches...
Tri-Klops has one thing on his mind...
A beautiful piece of artwork showcasing Broom.
The bounty hunter makes a dramatic appearance!
Just what were their names?
What happened to the Insect People?
He-Man emerges from the Slime Pit...
Some striking characters make an appearance.
Adora's beau returns in dramatic fashion!
Skeletor shows his definition!
Rio-Blast's appearance in the cartoon is explained...
He-Man commands the Power of Grayskull!
An amusing wide-eyed Stinkor stands before Teela...
The last episode of She-Ra revealed something unique...
Orko saves the day!
The UK comic originates an interesting term.
The UK comic has its own method for the reverse transformation.
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