US - RCA/Columbia Pictures (Magic Window) - Princess of Power
Volume 4
Video Content
Publisher: US - RCA/Columbia Pictures (Magic Window) - Princess of Power
Audio: Stereo 2.0
Year: 1985
Production Country:
Running Time:
Language: English
Video Region: 1 - USA - Canada

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Two Sensational SHE-RA AdventuresThe Anxious Apprentice. Ariels a student magician who can't wait to use her master's power. When she steals the fabulous book of Spells it becomes a test of She-Ra's strength. After all, the magic book has fallen into Scorpia's claws and it looks like battle in the Forbidden Zone!Unexpected Ally. When a poor farmer can't pay his taxes, Hordak's General Sunder banishes them to the Fright Zone! She-ra races to help, but must surrender to Hordak to free her friend Bow. Can She-ra escape from those power chains? Will she win General Sunder to the Rebel side?Power up, She-Ra On to Victory!
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