US - RCA/Columbia Pictures (Magic Window) - Princess of Power
Gateway to Trouble
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Publisher: US - RCA/Columbia Pictures (Magic Window) - Princess of Power
Year: 1987
Production Country: USA
Running Time:
Language: English

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"Gateway to Trouble"When He-man decides to meet his twin sister, She-ra, on the beautiful planet of etheria-their reunion is suddenly plagued with perils. Modulok, Skeletor's ruthless assistant, has invented a machine that can open a dimensional door linking Eternia to Etheria. Greed grips Modulok who decides to sell the machine to Hordak who will now gain control over both planets. when Skeletor hears of this plan, he forms a truce with She-Ra and He-Man to keep the machine out of Hordak's hands. But is Skeletor's Scheme a gateway to peace...or to trouble.
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