Mil Creek Entertainment
He-Man and MotU - The Complete Second Season
Video Content
Publisher: Mil Creek Entertainment
Audio: Stereo 2.0
Year: 2011
Production Country: USA
Running Time: 1545 mins
Language: English
Video Format: NTSC
Video Region: 1 - USA - Canada

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Back cover (regular & exclusive)
Back cover (regular & exclusive)



Follow the mythical adventures of Prince Adam, who secretly transforms into He-Man, the most powerful man in the Universe. Together with his loyal band of allies - Cringer, Man-At-Arms, Teela, Orko and the Sorceress - He-Man must protect the magically-powered Castle Grasyskull from evil clutches of Skeletor, and his army of super villains. This collection presents Season Two in its entirety - all 65 episodes!

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe is a landmark in children's television history, being the first nationally syndicated television program based on a successful to line from Mattel. Originally produced from 1983-1985 by world renowned Filmation Studios.


Bonus Features:

* English and Spanish audio tracks
* 10 complete episode scripts
* 50 detailed profiles of various characters, creatures and artifacts
* Documentary: The Stories of He-Man
* Documentary: The Magic of Filmation
* Documentary: Animating He-Man
* Episode commentary on six episodes

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Convention Exclusive Front Cover
Convention Exclusive Front Cover
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Convention Exclusive SpineRegular version front coverRegular version spine
Convention Exclusive SpineRegular version front coverRegular version spine
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